Basic information

How to delegate?

How do I stake on the Desktop app?

  • Click "Staking".

  • Click "Delegate Funds".

  • Copy paste the validator address that starts with: crocnc... in the "Validator address".

  • Choose the amount and click Review.

How do I stake on the Defi Wallet Mobile app?

Instructions are for first time staking (you are not for redelegating from another validator (i.e. you're not already with another validator).

  • Click "Earn".

  • Click "Earn More".

  • Select "CRO".

  • Select amount. Would suggest leaving 0.1 CRO in your wallet for future transaction fees. If you stake it all, you can't make transfers in the future easily.

  • Click "Stake".

How do I redelegate to another validator on the Desktop app?

  • Click "Delegations".

  • Click "Redelegate".

  • You can move funds to another validator once per 28 days. There are no extra fees.

How do I redelegate to another validator on the Defi Wallet Mobile app?

  • Click " Coin".

  • Click "View earnings in DeFi earn".

  • Click the three dots next to the validator name.

  • Click "Switch validator".

  • Write the amount you want to redelegate.

  • Choose the validator from the "To Validator" field. Don't miss this step as otherwise your CROs will go to the default validator.

  • Click "Confirm Switch Validator".

Note: Always use redelegate instead of undelegate, if you are planning on keeping the funds in the Mainnet. Undelegate takes 28 days before you can use/transfer the CROs again and you won't earn any rewards during this time.

Things that you should be looking in a validator:

  • Commission: 0% means you don't pay any fees. 10% means you lose 10% of your income. This is the main reason to move away from the CDC validators. There are plenty of validators that offer the same or better level of service with much lower fees.

  • Max commission: This is the max level where the commission can be increased in the later months. For long term investment, pick one with low max rate or be prepared to change the validator later. Many start with 0%, but have plans to increase it a lot in the future. Some even have option to change it to 100%.

  • Self-delegation: More is better. Most people trust validators where the owner has a decent amount of skin in the game.

  • Min Self-Delegation: If this is 100k for example, self-delegation can never be less than 100k. Shows that the validator is planning to stay for a long term.

  • Missed blocks: It's normal to miss some blocks for update, but if validators are regularly missing blocks at this point when traffic is quite slow, they will have very hard to keep up later. Could be a hardware or network issue.

  • Ranking: It's good for the mainnet, if all the CROs aren't on the top validators. Help the decentralization and delegate to validators on 15th to 96th ranks. Last few (97-100) have quite high risk to be unbonded, so it's better to avoid them.